On October 17, 2009 the ‚Emukhunzulu Patengemeinschaft e.V.‘ was founded as a registered and non-profit association, the cornerstone for a reliable and accredited sponsors community.

Ab sofort sind wir in der glücklichen Lage, jedem Spender eine vom Finanzamt anerkannte Spendenquittung auszustellen.

 May 18, 2009
Our online shop opens its gates for the sponsors’ community

In order to simplify the ordering process and make it more flexible for the sponsors the online shop was created. Meanwhile it was welcomed and accepted widely by the sponsors’ community as helpful and well presented.

The shop can only be reached via our board. A registration will be accomplished by Chrisi, and is only foreseen for sponsors.

 March 2009
Mama Lydiah House

During the last months Fred now and then presented us children living in desperate conditions.

In the beginning those kids – who had no parents or other relatives anymore – moved into parts of the little building behind the school which was financed by credits and where there is as well the kitchen with the new Jiko.

Apart from the kitchen there are three more little rooms. Those were on the spot declared as boys’ and a girls’ bedroom as well as a common room.

A further step was engaging a matron who is supposed to live in the boarding house and take care of the children.

In Kenya it is a custom to name a boarding house and ours is named after Lydiah Nyangwese. She is watching now over our children.

Last year she died of cancer at the age of 74.

All of her life this simple woman cared and provided for her children on her own in the most desperate conditions.

Even for her grandchildren she acted as kind of a surrogate mother. Her own wishes and needs she always put last.

Her memory lives on in the Mama Lydiah House.

 December 2008
A new member joins the team

Due to the growing number of our sponsor kids we decided to enlarge the team in order to keep up the quality of work we provide here in Germany. Now Christiane (called Chrisi) joined us and took over the shopping procedure. She is presenting herself on our “About Us” Page.

July 2008
A Journey to Kenya

While being on a holiday trip to Kenya I had the chance to visit the Emukhunzulu Education Centre. On the morning of July 4, 2008, after a long journey, I enter the school building where Frederick Buliba Ndeta, our local partner, along with the young headmaster welcomes me joyfully. The gate, the typical red dusted earth, the school building – everything seems so familiar having seen it so many times on photos and now it became reality. Immediately it feels like home. After a short talk in the headmaster’s office we are visiting each single class. The class rooms are very spacious; the children sit on forms and follow the lessons eagerly.


At the moment our school consists of baby class, nursery, and pre-unit as well as classes 1 to 5. Every year a new class is added so that in 2011 the first students will be able to sit for their KCPE (Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education). I introduce the sponsorship community I represent, and all the sponsored children come forward so photos can be taken.

Afterwards I call on the teachers in the faculty room as we consider them to be an important link in our collaboration. The teaching staff consists today of 10 highly motivated and committed men and women. I could see for myself the great job they are doing. As the school enjoys a good reputation in their district even people with higher incomes take children from public schools and register them at the EEC. But as a main purpose the school should be open to any child with good academic skills. That is why children attend this school whose parents cannot afford the necessary money. And this is where our support comes in as the school reached its financial limits meanwhile.

After those meetings the school’s administrator, the headmaster and I went out and saw some of the sponsored children’s families. Some sponsors had provided us with money for special donations, in other families emergencies had occured which we wanted to check on and find out how to help. The use of the donations was thoroughly executed and reviewed by our Kenyan partner. I could check this for myself and document it as well.

Two hours later we returned to the school where the bananas and the milk for all children had been delivered and prepared in the meantime – a little present in the name of all our sponsors. The kitchen staff supported by the teachers coped with the rush of the children. After about 45 minutes 228 little Kenyans had scoffed several bananas each and drank a hot mug of milk. Afterwards it was time for fun! Accompanied by guitar music, arms stretched into the air, children started singing and clapping their hands... many started dancing spontaneously and even some of the teachers joined them in this frisky atmosphere. Finally a huge circle of dancing people sat around the mast in the middle of the schoolyard... Meanwhile even outside the school ground lots of people had gathered and watched the spectacle surely wondering what was happening inside...

In the evening it was time for the children to pack their things and gather in a big semicircle to salute the Kenyan flag just like they do it every day. The teachers address the children talking about the bygone day wishing them well and advising them for the rest of the day.

On the second day of my visit I had planned to document several children’s biographies which I could realise in collaboration with the headmaster and some of the children’s relatives. At the same time several letters of our sponsors arrived that could be distributed. The kids were absolutely thrilled about the mail and the photos they received.

Meanwhile the school break started. The children bustle around the schoolyard. Some queue at the kitchen to get their daily meal. Here as well I could see for myself that the money donated is spent correctly as all the children being in this special lunch program well received their meal. A group of children collects the garbage and takes it to the heap where it is burned later... in the school and on the school ground they set value on keeping everything clean – something rather unusual for Kenyan standards. I watch the hustle and bustle on the school yard to take some more snaps. As soon as I take out the camera the children crowd around me and want to see themselves on the camera’s monitor. The little ones are completely fascinated by my white skin as Europeans do not show up too often in the country.

Shortly after the break class photos could be made which you can watch now in the picture gallery of our homepage. Naturally copies of those photos were sent to Kenya and now hang in each of the class rooms.

In the end I was able to witness how the uniforms, mosquito nets and rain jackets ordered by our sponsors were passed on to the children. The distribution of the single garments was done with great care and thoughtfulness by the school’s administrator and the headmaster. Subsequently all the children were photographed to document this for their sponsors.

In the evening it was time again to gather around the mast. I used the opportunity to thank everybody for these very special days. In the name of all sponsors I said goodbye and the children left. After a final talk with the school’s administrator it was time for me to leave as well.

With very many impressions, documents and new ideas I came back to Germany. But my thoughts always return to this wonderful time... it is definitely a special place, special people, a beautiful atmosphere, and a good feeling I have about it all. The money we donate is needed, it arrives where it is supposed to arrive and it is spent thoroughly and with great care. Fred and the teachers are committed to do their work according to our wishes, just as we are trying to consider the needs of the Kenyans. The trust in each other was consolidated on both sides and we as the team of this sponsorship community are convinced of the work we are doing with the support of all sponsors.

Sandra Zitzelsberger
(Team Emukhunzulu-Patengemeinschaft) May 2008
The Team has grown and a Website was created

Since end of May our team has welcomed Uschi who enthusiastically dedicated herself to creating our own website as well as taking over the handling of our uniform orders. She has introduced herself on the “About us” page with the other team members so that people who are not active on our board have an idea who we are.


December 2007
The Emukhunzulu Patengemeinschaft is being founded

In December 2007 we made contact with the school inspired by the association “Jamaa – Kinderprojekt Afrika e.V.” which supported the school by financing some of their projects. Some donors decided to help as well by organizing some school sponsorships. Soon the very first sponsorships were placed, a forum was organised, and so the cornerstone was laid to build on today's success. Until now 54 children are being sponsored. Some little projects could be initiated and the support program could be expanded.


September 2007
How it all began

About an hour north of Lake Victoria near the city of Kisumu, you find the little village of Khumusalaba. Four years ago the headmaster Nehemiah Ndeta together with his brother Frederick Buliba Ndeta founded a primary school, the Emukhunzulu Education Centre. At the moment the school accommodates more than 200 children, spread over 5 classes as well as a baby-class, nursery, and pre-unit. Class rooms were built until class 8. Meanwhile Frederick Buliba Ndeta has taken over the administration of the school together with a headmaster.

The people in Khumuslaba are very poor. Most people are farmers but their harvest is hardly enough to meet their most basic needs. The families with many children often live in extreme neediness. AIDS and other diseases take mother or father from children who are being placed in relatives’ families although those families can hardly take care for themselves. Those children are going hungry; they have practically no medical care, and little to wear. Under these circumstances it is often difficult to consider a school education for these kids as it is very hard to raise the money needed for e.g. school supplies or uniform. Besides these families can rarely do without the money these children would earn working instead of attending school.

But without education there is no hope for a better life.

So several donors got together and founded the ‘Emukhunzulu Patengemeinschaft’ (sponsorship community). Together with the association “Jamaa – Kinderprojekt Afrika e.V.” – website - which supported the school already by financing some of their projects we developed a concept how to support headmaster and children at the EEC.

By assigning school sponsorships we wanted to enable the neediest children to attend school and receive an education so they could seize their own chances in life. Additionally sponsors have the opportunity to provide their sponsored child with a daily, warm meal. They can buy a uniform for the child or provide its family (or any needy family) with a food parcel to relieve people’s distress and so make sure that more and more children are being sent to school instead of sent to work.

Besides it is possible to donate a banana for each of the school children for a total of 17 Euros.

The sponsorship fee has to be paid in advance and amounts to 15 Euros*. When uniforms and food parcels are handed out, photos will be taken and shown to the sponsors. Besides we support a regular exchange of letters between sponsor and child.

During the first three months we could grant a sponsorship already to 34 children and further teachers could be hired. Because of a big donation made by Jamaa e.V. we could acquire many textbooks and school supplies. Already 22 food parcels were distributed to families in need.

If you are interested in our project you are very welcome to join us!
In this case please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or simply use our contact form. We are looking forward to your message!

* Please note that fees have changed meanwhile

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