Family Supports





Apart from the basic needs we support our sponsored children and their families in cases of special necessities or of extreme indigence. This can be done directly by the sponsors themselves or by us if appropriate cases of neediness are reported to our organization. But before we decide to support a child, or a family, our local Kenyan team accurately checks the respective situation unless financial or material aid is given.

Especially we assist in projects who help people to help themselves, but also we try to improve life-circumstances in some very poor families.
In no case we don´t want to create dependences or support any mentalities of “holding out a tin cup “


Previous projects we carried out:

  • Supporting several families with food packages during the extreme droughts. The profiteers of these reliefs mostly are children, whose parents have died and who are raised by their old grand-parents. Single-mothers, too, whose husbands let their families down because of violence and alcoholism or who died through an accident or by disease are financially helped in the dry season.
  • Furniture fittings - extremely indigent families usually don´t have any beds at their disposal - the children use to sleep on the floor, perhaps only bedded on a sheet, no matter if it´s cold or raining.
    We provide mattresses, warm blankets, - when required - sometimes a bed and  so help those families to let their children  sleep dry, warm and free from vermin.
    Self-evidently this protects from colds and serves as a kind of health care, too.
  • Establishing a small trade – to ensure survival, the donation of a chicken family (one cock and four hens) and a hen-house, could procure an extra income for a family. Last Christmas the first breed of hens could be sold and so are eggs.
    In addition to the parcel of field for self-supply, these regular earnings have made a steady basis for self-sufficiency to the family.
  • Supply with paraffin and paraffin lamps, so that the families have enough light to live and work – especially when the children have to learn for school in the evenings.
    (can be ordered for the families  in our online-shop)
  • Purchasing of mosquito-nets is an important preventive measure to avoid malaria in the families.
    This product, too, can be ordered in our “ Aunt-Emuk-Online- Shop “ as well.
  • Basic equipment for some new boarding-kids, consisting of a sheet and blanket, a plastic bowl, a metal box and a bucket for hygienic purpose.











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