The most frequently asked questions before sponsoring a child:

Which children are being supported?
The Emukhunzulu Patengemeinschaft supports the neediest children attending the Emukhunzlu Education Centre. Those children are mainly half-orphans, who were left by their parents, and now stay with relatives (mostly their old grand-parents). Besides we are presenting kids whose parents were not able to send them to school due to lack of money. The school’s headmaster knows many families in the neighbourhood and chooses the children according to their status of poverty.

What should I do when I am interested in sponsoring a child at the Emukunzulu Patengemeinschaft e.V.?
Please fill in the contact form on this site, or send an e- mail with your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Is it possible to choose the sponsored child myself?
You can do that yourself. You find photos and the short description of the living conditions of the children looking for sponsors on our board and here on this site under the button “Sponsor a Child”. We gladly assist you in choosing your child while considering your criteria.

What are the fees for a school sponsorship via the Emukhunzulu Patengemeinschaft e.V.?
The monthly fee amounts to 15 Euros.

What is included in the monthly fees?
The montly fees includes the teachers' salaries, school supplies, and the daily school lunch on weekdays. The amount covers as well the bank charges as well as the postage for children's letters from Kenya.

Are the basic needs of my sponsor child covered by the monthly fees?
The basic needs are somewhat covered provided that a school uniform is ordered. You might consider ordering a food parcel in our shop now and then to support the family especially during the critical months from May to August.

Is it possible to provide my sponsored child with food during the holidays as well?
You can support the family by buying one of the lunch parcels.

Do the staff members of the Emkuhunzulu Patengemeinschaft e.V. receive any compensation?
The German team does its work entirely unsalaried.

Which additional costs may occur?
Sponsors have the possibility to buy a school uniform (or pieces of it). Besides you can order a food parcel and other items for the families. But this is not necessarily part of the sponsorship and can be done on a completely voluntary basis.

What kind of information do I receive at the beginning of the sponsorship?
You receive a photo (by e-mail if you have internet access) and a short description of your sponsored child. This includes the name and some information about its family background, hobbies and interests. Besides we inform you about the names and contact data of our team members, our bank account, and the address of the Emukhunzulu Education Centre.

How many children can I sponsor?
In the first year the number of sponsorships is limited to two children. The number of sponsored children can be increased gradually in the long run.

Do I incur a legal liability by sponsoring a child and how may I terminate the sponsorship?
You do not incur a legal liability, and you can terminate the sponsorship at any time without giving reasons. The termination becomes effective at the end of the following month. Fees and donations already paid cannot be refunded but will be treated as an uncommitted extra donation. In case you want to terminate your sponsorship please e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How is a sponsorship terminated at the Emukhunzulu Patengemeinschaft e.V.?
The sponsorship is terminated either by cancellation of the sponsor, when the child’s family moves away, or in the best case by school graduation. Furthermore the Committee of the Emukhunzulu Patengemeinschaft e.V. reserves its right to terminate a sponsorship without notice when the second consecutive monthly contribution has not been paid, or any harmful act or statement against this registered association has been perceived.

What happens when my sponsored child does not attend school anymore?
When the child does not attend school anymore the sponsorship is ended and donations not yet transfered to Kenya will be refunded.

Is it possible to visit my sponsored child?
We would be pleased if you come to see your sponsored child after consulting us beforehand. In any case inform us about your itineray in time so that your visit can be well coordinated on-site and will not interfere with exams or holidays etc.

Communication with the Sponsored Child

How does the child get to know that it has a sponsor?
Our project partner informs him/her about it.

Am I being informed about my sponsored child on a regular basis?
At the end of each term every sponsor will be informed about the child’s school results, and he/she will receive a letter of the child. For several reasons it might occur that the child does not write, but this only rarely happens. The exam results will be published on a regular basis on our board.

Do I regularily receive a photo of my sponsored child?
When uniforms, food or hygiene parcels were ordered the handover is being documented with a photo. This photo is being released in the sponsored children’s album of the board.

May I write to my sponsored child?
It is very important to establish contact with the child. This way the child’s development can be accompanied and it can be motivated to improve its academic skills. So a regular exchange of letters (possibly a letter per month) is very welcome. The older children will write back letters to their sponsors, the smaller ones will paint pictures.

How often do I receive mail and news from Kenya?
At least three times a year, at the end of each term.

In which language do I communicate with my sponsored child?
You are supposed to write your letters in English.

Do I send my letters directly to Kenya, or are they being collected somewhere and sent all together?
Please send your letter directly to Kenya.

Where do I send my letters?
You send your letters to the project partner; you will receive the address when you decide to sponsor a child.

How long does it take usually until my sponsored child receives the letter?
It takes about 2-3 weeks, maybe longer in particular cases.

Will I be informed when my mail arrives in Kenya?
A list stating the mail received is being posted on the board regularly.

How do the sponsored children’s letters get from Kenya to Germany?
The letters are being collected in Kenya and sent to one of the admins who will sort them and pass them on to the sponsors.


May I send presents to my sponsored child?
No, as in Kenya high customs have to be paid. Please send only small items (pencils, sharpener, eraser etc.), thin, flat English books, or stickers and post cards.

What kind of items should definitely not be sent?
Never send any precious items (like watches etc.), money or comestibles.

May I send a one way camera to my sponsored child?
Due to the high customs this is unfortunately not possible.

Collective Orders

How do I order any extras for my sponsored child?
When you have become a sponsor you will get access to our 'online shop' where you can order uniform parts, food parcels, hygiene packs and other things. Those orders will be collected and passed on monthly, the items will be purchased or made on-site and handed over to the child as soon as possible. The handover will be documented with a photo and shown on the children's album on the board.

In case of any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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